UPI: Unified Payments Interface

UPI or Unified Payments Interface -: UPI or Unified Payments Interface was inaugurated on April 11, 2016, by Governor Raghuram Rajan, of the Reserve Bank of India and on August 25, 2016,  the Android app had launched.     The UPI means the Unified Payments interface, and if you have a mobile

Debit Card Axis Bank

Debit Card  Axis Bank Debit Cards Issued By Axis Bank: Axis Bank is one of the most popular and biggest banks of India.for the use of the different type of customer Axis Bank has issued Different types of Debit Cards. The Debit Card issued by Axis bank is in Different category and

Debit Card Advantages and Disadvantages

bit card advantage and disadvantage

Debit Cards There Have many advantage and disadvantages of a debit card. Even though debit cards have been widely used, many people are unfamiliar with their advantages and disadvantages. Debit cards look like credit cards but act like cash or personal checks. Debit cards, as we all know, have been in

Debit Card Types

Debit Card Types Debit Card Types Debit Card: As you Know Debit Card is a type of Plastic card which gives by the bank to the customer.to use this Debit card a customer can access the full control on their bank account, which they save money. they withdraw money, anywhere and any time by use

Advantages Of Debit Cards

Advantages of Debit cards Advantages Of Debit Cards What is a Debit card: The Debit card is a type of card, which has made in plastic.on the Debit Card, there has a Black magnetic strip on the back side of the card, and a Chip on the front side. all the data of

Debit card meaning

Debit card Meaning Debit Card Meaning Debit Card Meaning: A Debit card is a type of plastic card, which can be used to withdrawing money from ATM, make online payments, transact in e-commerce website and can be used in shopping malls for pay bills.  A debit card is a middle man with the Bank

Zerodha Kite App

zerodha Kite Zerodha Kite App Zerodha Kite: Zerodha as you know, its a stock brokerage house, which work is to bring the stocks from the stock exchange to its investor or trader.for this it has to take some commission. which know as brokage charge.in simple language, Zerodha is a middle person between investors