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HDFC Credit Card Help Line

HDFC Credit Card Help Line

HDFC Credit Card Help Line

HDFC Credit Card

What is the meaning of HDFC Credit card? Actually, HDFC Credit Card is a facility offered by HDFC Bank, which can be used to buy anything and transact anywhere. As you all know, credit means borrowing from someone. Similarly, HDFC Bank gives a card like an ATM card to some selected person, which the customer can use anywhere. when the customer purchases anything from anywhere, the bank pays it with the help of this card and whatever amount you take through a credit card, you have to pay it within 30 days. If you do not pay the money taken, the credit card issuing bank will take interest from you. In ordinary language, the bank pays you money in borrowing and a month’s time to repay it


HDFC Credit Card or any other banks credit card is not given to all types of people. There are some eligibility criteria will fulfil for this.
  1. First of all, you are more than 21 years old
  2. You have some business of yourself or you work somewhere.
  3. You have Aadhar  card, PAN card
  4. Bank statement of last three months
  5. Salary slip of your last three months

If you have the documents given above, you can easily apply for an HDFC credit card. for getting an HDFC credit card you may call on below numbers and ask to how you will get a card.


After using the HDFC CREDIT CARD or earlier you will probably have many questions related to your credit card. The HDFC Credit Card Division stands ready to answer every question you have. You can get information on the subject of HDFC Credit Card for 24 hours and 365 days. For this, the bank has its TOLL FREE helpline -1800 2583838. You can contact any of these numbers to contacting them. If you wish to contact the Customer care Officer of any city, then the number of the below mentioned  Officer has been given. You take a city number of your choice and contact them.

HDFC credit card customer care toll-free number 24×7

HDFC credit card All India Help Line may contact the customer care executive 24*7 and 365 days.

HDFC Credit card customer care Bangalore-

If you want to contact HDFC credit card customer care officer at Banglore you may contact at-080-61606161

HDFC Credit card customer care Hyderabad-

If you are from Hyderabad and to want to contact a customer care officer of HDFC Credit card from Hyderabad, then you may contact at-040-61606161

HDFC Credit card customer care Delhi

If you want to talk an HDFC bank customer care officer from Delhi, you may call at –011-61606161
HDFC Credit Card’s contact centre number is almost the same in every city. You have to change the city’s STD code before the number. like if the number of customer support officer’s of HDFC credit card is 61606161and If you call fromNew Delhi, put code 011 before the dialled number and if you call from Mumbai then enter 022.

HDFC Credit Card Chats

If you want to Chat with HDFC care .you may click on this ling.CLICK HERE


HDFC Bank Credit Card related enquiries:

If the HDFC credit card is lost, immediately call the 24 * 7 customer care centre and immediately block them. if you did not do this The HDFC credit card can be misused.

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