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Mutual fund KYC Status

Mutual fund KYC Status
Mutual fund KYC Status

Mutual fund KYC Status

Mutual Fund KYC:

 Mutual Fund KYC is a rule issued by the Government of India, which is compulsory to the investor of every mutual fund or the stock market. Without KYC, you can not invest anywhere. KYC means “Know Your Customer”. After KYC, any mutual fund house or stockbroker company has the right to get your complete information. because KYC is linked to your PAN card, Aadhar card, and your bank. For this, once you are KYC verified then you are free to invest anywhere. If you do KYC once, you will not have to do it again in any mutual fund house or stockbroker.

Mutual Fund KYC Form :

 Mutual Fund KYC Form, You will be found in any Mutual Fund office, Bank, Stock Brokerage House. To do KYC, you will take PAN card, Aadhar card, Bank passbook or cancel check or Bank statement and a passport size photocopy to your nearest mutual fund office or any other office where KYC make.

Mutual Fund KYC online:

 For a Mutual Fund investment, KYC has to be done first. You can do KYC by visiting a stockbroker or mutual fund office. If you do not have a mutual fund or stockbroker company near you, you can do the KYC by going to the office of CAMS or KARVY. If you do not have any of these facilities then you can apply online too. For this, you need to download PAY TM MONEY, Groww Applications and apply online. For this, you go to your Android mobile’s Play Store or if you use an iPhone, then you will have to go to the App Store and download the “GROWW” Mutual fund APP. Download the application.
  1. Download the GROWW app from the app store or play store
  2. open it and enter your mail id
  3. for mobile number verification enter your mobile number
  4. you will get an OTP on your number.enter it and press confirm
  5. next step enter your PAN card number
  6. in next page enter your name, date of birth, gender, nominee name, relation, your residence and press next
  7. open after next page enter your bank IFSC code and confirm your bank details
  8. next enter your bank account number and re-enter bank account number and press next.
  9. in the next page type, your signature and press save.
  10. you will get a successful notification that your account is creat successful.

If you wish, you can invest in Direct Mutual Fund by clicking on now or you will have your KYC ready within 5 to 15 days after uploading the complete documents and you can make an investment anywhere.

Mutual Fund KYC Status :

 To know the mutual fund’s KYC status, you can be giving your PAN card number to any mutual fund office or if you have to know the information online then online can also find out the mutual fund KYC. For this, you type CVL KRA KYC in your browser and you will go directly to the website of CDSL VENTURES LIMITED. If you want to go direct then click here, you can check your KYC directly.
After visiting this website, you have to enter your PAN card and fill the  Captcha and click on submit button. This will show your KYC status.


For CAMS KYC, you have to go to Cams Office. Cams is a mutual fund transfer agency. You can do all the work of any mutual fund which comes under Cams. If you want to download KYC FORM of Cams, you can click here to download it. You may fill this form and submit it at any Cams Center.

CAMS KYC Check :

To check CAMS KYC, you have to go to the CAMS website or you can click here to go directly to the CAMS website.
After coming here, you can check your KYC status by entering PAN card number and captcha in my KYC status.

Last Word :

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