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UPI: Unified Payments Interface

UPI: Unified Payments Interface

UPI or Unified Payments Interface -:

UPI or Unified Payments Interface was inaugurated on April 11, 2016, by Governor Raghuram Rajan, of the Reserve Bank of India and on August 25, 2016,  the Android app had launched.
    The UPI means the Unified Payments interface, and if you have a mobile number was a registered number in the bank, you will be able to access the bank account though UPI and you can also send money from any bank to any bank account.

How UPI Work

UPI means Unified Payments Interface is working with the mobile number from which you have registered in bank. Google Pay Tez, Pay TM Phone pe is most popular UPI application.UPI is a middle man. UPI application powered by the government of while you registered to use UPI then after you have a middle person who transacts your money in a different time and different manner. while you give an order in your UPI application, the order directly send to your bank, then the bank checked your account details that there has a balance or not and after checked the transaction complete.there have no fear to use UPI because it is safe and cants work without your Registered mobile number. the registered mobile number compulsory insert in the mobile which is used for UPI applications.

Benefits of UPI

  1. UPI is totally free of cost transaction charge to send money
  2. it is one place of your all account
  3. you no need to remember your internet banking login id or password 
  4. you will send money without knowing the anyone account number and IFSC code, you have just known his mobile number
  5. you can send money with account details, mobile number or Aadhar number
  6.  you can recharge your mobile, pay your electricity bill and also other bills direct from your account
UPI Bhim

UPI Bhim means Unified Payments Interface or UPI BHIM is an application, which has been certified by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) as like PHONE PE, GOOGLE PAY etc.


UPI SBI means the application was developed by State Bank Of also like Phone Pe, google pay Etc.

UPI Login:

To access the UPI, you may download the UPI first. for download go to google play store. search UPI application there and choose your favourite application and download it.

UPI Apps -:

However, UPI is an application.ther have many more but some are the favourite. that is Airtel Money UPI, PayTM UPI, Google Pay, Axis UPI, Kotak UPI.

How To Use UPI

You first go to your application store. Type UPI in the search bar. Now many applications will appear, you can download any one.

UPI Registration

The Registration prosses is deffer with the UPI application.if you use Phone Pe UPI application, then the prosses is in below
  1. Download the application 
  2. click on register now
  3. enter your 10 digits mobile number
  4. Type your full name
  5. creat you password which may use for login after resister
  6. you will get an OTP and your application is ready to use
  7. now click on add bank option to add your bank
  8. you will choose your bank on the dropdown menu
  9. select your bank, automatically the bank will be found
  10. now enter your ATM card last 6 digits to create UPI pin which can be used for transacting
  11. you will get an OTP from your bank and now enter 6 digits UPI pin on your choice and re-enter it .your application is ready.

Take away

It is important to take care of some things using UPI.
Do not tell your UPI pin.
Enter two different passwords for application and payments
Check account number or phone number when sending money


You have got all about UPI. Now, what is the best UPI from you? According to me, PHONE PAY is the best UPI at the moment.
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