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Zerodha Kite App

Zerodha Kite
zerodha Kite

Zerodha Kite App

Zerodha Kite:

Zerodha as you know, its a stock brokerage house, which work is to bring the stocks from the stock exchange to its investor or trader.for this it has to take some commission. which know as brokage simple language, Zerodha is a middle person between investors and stock exchange.
 Zerodha Kite is a trading platform, on which an investor or trader places the buying or selling’s a trading terminal. Zerodha kite was two types of is web site basic and another is mobile app.both are very easy to use. now I will be showing you how to use it.

Zerodha Kite Log in:

To Use Zerodha Kite on Web Browser, you may first go to your system’s search may be Opera web browser or Cromo or Mozilla Firefox. type Zerodha Kite Log in on the search on the first link and you will redirect to Zerodha kite Web application. first, enter your User Id in the box and next enter your password as shown you on login.

on the next page enter your 6 digit Pin as like you see above.

 which you set before or if you are first time user then set it first. after enter you pin click on you will redirect to Zerodha Kite trading terminal.

here as you see i will tell you the deatails which you see above.
  1. on the left side uper corner,where you see “Nifty 50 and Sensex”.its the whole stock exchange or the nifty 50 stock and BSE 30 stock index value in the market market .as you know 90% mareket weight is in Nifty 50 and Sensex where the nifty 50 and sensex direction,the market will follow this,you may guege the market is in uptrend or down trend.that meanse market will go up or go down.
  2. below that ,you see the search bar ,where you add the stocks by search its name.beacause whith out add a stock you cant buy or sell it.
  3. in the middle line,you will see “Dash board”. this means here  you will see total equty and commodity fund balance,availabele balance,margine used,total investment and its market value balance show.
  4. in the next line ,you will see “Orders”,it means after you place any order for buy or sell will apper hear.if you wnt to cancel any order or mange,then come here and edit or cancel your order.
  5. on the next line,here is “Holding”, here you will see your total investment value,in which stock and how many position you many quantity you had buy,avarage cost,last traded price,your total current value in that particular stock,your proffit and losse ,net change ,day change and at last your total investment and current value.
  6. on the next line “position”,it means if you take any intraday position that will apper here ,you will see your proffity or loss here.
  7. in the next line ,you will see “Funds”, here you will see yor total fund balance ,if you want add fund or with draw,you can do here .
  8. on the last line yor profile deatails is there.

Place order though Zerodha kite:

place order to buy or sell on Zerodha kite is very simple. you take the mouse over your favourite stock.mouse on it .you will see “B” and “S” symbol on it .if you want to buy a share, click on the “B” symbol, a pop window will open as show you here.

  on it ,in the right side corner ,a mark in you will change the order from buy to sell or from sell to buy.sell order only for intraday and buying order for both intraday or delivery.if you dont know,trading and investing are two deffernt method in market.every one know that any product first you have to bought and then sell it but in share market you can sell the share and buy after that .in a simple language you take one kilo potato from some one at a price of 10 rupee and sell someone and  tell them today you will returen his potato.if the potato price 15 or 20 you must buy and return it to the first you loss 5 or 10 rupee because you sell 10 rupee and bought at 15 or 20 rupee.but if the potato price going down till 5 rupee,you will proffit now.beacause you had sell at 10 and bought at like that.
 now come to the as you see abov,
  1. if you want take the stock for delevery then click on “CNC”.it means cash and pay the total amount of the stock and if you want then sell it today or later.
  2. in next which price you wnt to buy the stock,if you want any price in the market,then press on “Market’,and in the running market price the stock will buy.but if you want that stock any porticular price then click on “Limit”.
  3. in the down you see “Quantity”,fill it that how many quantity you wish to buy.
  4. in the next box enter your price ,in which you wish to buy and press on order will place.

if you want to trading in market,then click on “MIS”,that means its use only for means you will able to hold the stock till 3.15.till that time if you bought the stock sell it or if you sell it buy it.fill all as cnc order and in the last you will see “More option” on it.first you will see regular and then “BO” ,it means Bracket it you specifi the traget and on it and fill the deatils and press to next is “CO”,it means cover you specify the stoploss and the traget will in your hand .that means mannual you exit the order.flii the deatils and press buy.

Bracket Order:

Bracket order means,in the order you difine that in wich price you have to buy or sell the which price is your traget and in which price is your example if the stock price now is 100 rupee and i think it will go upword then i will buy this senerio i will fil the market price to buy or limit as 99 rupee.when the stock price come to 99 rupee,it will buy.the stoploss means if the price go downward then which price ,i will exit the order.that is if the price come to 96 then i will means 3 rupees stoploss.enter there 3.traget means if the stock bought in 99 rupee then which price i have to take proffit.define that.if i want 4 rupee proffit,then in enter 4 rupe in traget box.after the stock goes to 103 rupee it will autometical exit and your proffit will be 4 rupees.

Cover order:

cover order means, you have fixed the stop loss price and the target is manually example if a stock, you buy a price of 100 and the stop loss you want 5 rupees then enter 95 rupees in trigger price box.while the stock come downward and touch th 95 lable, the order autometicaly exit and your losse is 5 rupee.if the stock upward the book proffit in your will choose that in which price you have to exit.

Market Depth:

Market Depth is in near B and S symbol. while you press it, you will see Bids, orders, quantity. that means in which price the buyer’s interest to buy, how many orders there and how many quantities to the next you see Offers, orders means in which price the seller’s interest to sell and how many orders there and quantity.

Open Price:

in which price the stock open today after the market open.


after the stock open, till which price the stock had gone 

Low Price:

after the stock open, which is the lowest price

Close price:

close price means yesterday closing price of the stock 


Volume means the total quantity traded till now

Average price:

average Price means the total quantity of trade divided by the running price
This is the total function of Zerodha Kite.if you satisfy on this, please comment and share it.

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