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Zerodha-The Discount Broker


Zerodha-The Discount Broker


Zerodha is the most popular stock brokerage financial company in India. Zerodha offers you to trade in Equity stock market, Commodity, and currency market. Zerodha also offers you to Invest Direct mutual fund. Zerodha is known for its discount brokerage. Zerodha Founded in 2010 and its headquarters.its branches mostly available in all major cities. is in Banglore. In this year, Zerodha is the largest retail stock broker in India by the client. 
 Zerodha is the first discount brokage in India .if you want to trade and investing in the stock market, you will need a trading and Demat this way Zerodha is the best .in here, it is the question that what is a Trading and Demat account.

Trading Account in  Zerodha :

 Trading account means that which account to use for buy or sell shares in the stock the other hand without a Trading account, you can’t Trade in the Stock market. for this Zerodha Trading account is’s brokerage is very low compared with other Stock Brokers. its account opening fees also low compare to other Stockbrokers.

 Demat Account in Zerodha :

 Demat Account means is an account which used to store your bought Shares of a company. that means if we want to invest in any company then we need to buy any company share. after the buy of a company share, where we will store it ? as like if we bought any plot then we store that plot PATTA or Registration that if we bought any company share, it will store in the Demat account with physical this way, Demat account in Zerodha is best. because the opening charge of a Demat account in Zerodha is low and now it is 300 rupees but in other stock brokers, it is 700 to 1000 and AMC that means annual maintenance charge also low. so in my knowledge, Zerodha is Best.

Zerodha Trading :

Before trading with Zerodha you will have to open your Demat and Trading account in Zerodha. For this, you have been given two types of easy and safe medium. You can open your account online or fill out offline forms and send it to Banglore. After the account open, you can enjoy trading at any time. With Zerodha you can also trade in equity as well as a commodity. For this, you have to open two separate accounts.

Zerodha Account Openings :

To open a Trading and Demat account in Zerodha for invest or Trading in Stock Market you need Following documents

  1. Pan Card
  2. Aadhar Card.
  3. Bank Statement or Cancel check
  4. Last 6 Months Bank Statement or salary Slip
  5. Passport size photo
  6. Signature on a Blank White Paper

First, you go to your web browser and search Zerodha trading and Demat Account opening online or click the first page like bellow, you will see the “Open your Account now”


  1. In The First Page and first box Enter Your Name
  2. In the second box Enter your Mobile number which you want to Register
  3. In the third box Enter your E-mail id


   You will get a link in your Entered e-mail your e-mail and click on Set password link. after clicking on that link, you will redirect to the Zerodha Site. In that page, you will see  “Set a Password” option. enter your password in the Create password box and the next box confirms that password continue to go to the next page.

  After go to the next page you will see “Let’s start with your PAN” option. enter your PAN card number in the first box, where show you to enter PAN and in the next box enter your Date of birth as in PAN card and press on continue button. after it the page will show you to tick on the to the terms and condition box.tick it and press continue.

   in the next page is the payment page. as you see above chose your segment which you want to trade.if you want to trade in equity then tick in equity and currency box or if you want to trade in the commodity then tick mark in the commodity box and if you want both then tick mark in both boxes

  after choosing the segment ,chose the payment can choose UPI, debit card, credit card or net banking. chose one and press pay and continue will redirect to the payment gateway. after successful payment, you will redirect to the next page.

  in this page enter your bank account details.

  1. in the first box, enter your branch IFSC code of your bank
  2. in the next box enter your account number and in the next box conform your account number

after fulfilling the bank account details you will need to fill the background the background information fill your mother’s name, marital status, occupation, trading experience, annual income, politically exposed its.after all tick in the terms and condition box and press will redirect to the next page.

This is a webcam IPV(in-person verification) this you will get an OTP number in your mobile number. write the OTP in a blank paper and show it in front of your camera and press start IPV.then the video will be recorded. after taking the video you will redirect to the next page.

 on the page, you will verify your Aadhar number here. you will see two option there. if your mobile number not registered with Aadhar then download the forms and sign on it and courier it and if your mobile number registered with Aadhar then press continue.

 on the next page, you will be asked to upload your bank statement or cancel check. and your signature.sign in a white paper and upload it. after uploading the documents press in e sign .you will see a pop-up.on it verify with email OTP.tick in the terms and conditions box and press on processed to e will redirect the NSDL website.

on it enter your Aadhar number and tick the terms and condition box and press on request OTP.

you will get an OTP on your Aadhar registered mobile number, enter the code and press on submit.

you will see a pop up .press in sign now .after that once again NSDL website will open.

on it enter your Aadhar number and press on Request OTP.
after getting the OTP, enter and press submit. your sign will be successful and you will go to the last step.

  at last, your trading account will open .now you can trade in intraday but if you want to take the stock to delivery then you will need to download the POA forms, signature on it and send to the forms to Banglore.POA means the power of attorney which needed while you want to sell your shares. That’s it.
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